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Why Supplements ?

As clients work along with Terrie they come to realise the dedication she has to ensuring the right nutrient at the right time in the right amount .  For this to happen for her clients she ensures she finds options that fulfil their needs without any unnecessary extras or contra-indicated inclusions.  This takes time and persistance, yet she knows it is worth it to ensure her clients the best chance at success.

Some supplements - for good reason - are legally only available for supply from your consulting Practitioner.  These are called 'Practiationer Only' and Terrie sources these specifcially for you.  Supplements that are easy for you to source locally, you will be guided to do so.  

Supplement supply for clients is only necessary when there is a nutrient deficit that requires specific attention.  Supplying these for her clients is a labour of love service that has grown out of the need to assist clients avoid errors.

                                             USING THE STORE - GOOD TO KNOW

1. SELECTING POSTAGE:  At checkout you will need to select if the postage of your order items is from supplier only OR GBT office despatch OR both.  To see where the items are sent from, click on 'more info' button next to an item to reveal this information.  This way you can also get to organise your ordering accordingly to save on postage.

2. ORDER PAYMENTS: Place your order.  You will then be sent an invoice for your final order from the GBT office.  If you would like your supplement orders to be paid by credit card and automatically transacted, please note in comments section CREDIT CARD AUTOMATED and this will be established for all future supplement orders.

If you would like to pay a specific order via cc or internet banking note this in the comments section. Otherwise we'll go ahead and invoice you as for your current advice to Terrie.

3. RECYCLED PACKAGING:  Packaging for delivery is recylced from the plethora of boxes Terrie receives from her suppliers.  Each box has to be clean and presentable for reuse .  New packaging will add approx. $3 to each order.  If you would prefer new packaging used for your order, please let Terrie know.

4. NEW SITE:  This being a new site, there will likely be 'glitches' that we haven't found as yet.  If you happen to find something that doesn't seem to be operating correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.

"Thanks so much for all your amazing guidance and knowledge during this process of bringing my husband back to full health and vitality, I don't know what we would do without you !! Everything that you have assisted us with so far has been fabulous, we are lucky to have you helping us.

Client, WA
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About Terrie Sanders OAM

Terrie Sanders


In the area of physical resiliency, Terrie's special skill and interest is in looking at how chronic exposures can lead to compromise in our ability to function. with regards energy production and tissue integrity. Her skills in this area have developed throughout her over 30 years in practice as an Exercise Scientist - Australian Health Professional, especially including being trained and mentored in the Health Model Approach (TM) and Seven Sub Clinical Signs directly, by H.L. Sam Queen.